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Why Merino?


In this modern world, we strive for progress and innovation but at what cost to our environment and health. Sometimes improvement is found by going back to the basics, back to nature.

Wicks Moisture

Pulls moisture away from the skin allowing for next to skin comfort.


Keeps you warm when wet and cools you when things heat up.  


Returns back to nature, no micro plastics, and free of harsh chemicals.

Nature's Engineering


Merino wool comes from the Merino sheep, which are raised in temperate environments but can also withstand extreme heat and cold climates. The unique crimp design of Merino's hair allows for breathability and temperature compensation. Merino sheep also produce very long and fine hair, which yields a very soft end product.

How We Do It

Our Merino Wool is shorn from New Zealand and Australia and then spun in Italy. The Italians know a good thing when they see it and

do their best to least disturb the natural attibutes of the wool. Ensuring minimal processing and dying when spinning which yeilds the softest and finest yarn.

This soft yarn is the foundation of every item in our collection. All of our partners follow

Responsible Wool Standard, ensuring proper care of animals and responsible land use.